Microchips – Helping your pet find their way home

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Microchips – Helping your pet find their way home

What is a microchip?

A microchip is your pet’s permanent form of identification. At 11mm x 2.2mm, it is about the size of a grain of rice.

It contains a unique identification number that is linked to your contact information on a central data base.

Why is microchipping important?

Your pet’s microchip is their link home to you. External collars and tags can be lost, damaged, chewed, become unreadable or simply not worn. If your pet is lost or stolen, the microchip provides a permanent link to you.

How does it all work?

A microchip is simply and easily injected beneath the skin between to shoulders of your pet. A Microchip Subscription Form is filled out at the time which contains your pet’s unique microchip number and your contact information. This form is then forwarded to Central Animal Records which keeps all the microchip information in a central database.

When a pet is presented to a vet clinic, shelter or pound , the pet is scanned and their microchip number is obtained. Central Animal Records are then contacted and the number is linked to the pet’s owner.


It is vital that the records attached to your pet’s microchip number are kept up to date. This means that every time you move or change phone numbers that you contact Central Animal Records and update your pet’s microchip details. This can be easily done on-line at www.car.com.au 

Here at High Street Animal Hospital, we have had multiple cases of lost/stray pets being brought to the clinic which are microchipped but their owner’s details have not been updated. Unfortunately, with no way to contact their family, these pets  eventually have to be picked up by the ranger and taken to the pound.

In the cases where the owner’s details are up to date, the pets are often reunited with their worried families within hours (or even minutes!).


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