Diagnostic Imaging


Many cases require imaging to aid in the diagnosis and management of their condition. We have full on site x-ray facilities with full digital processing (upgraded 2016) which enable us to take the highest quality radiographs of your pet whether it be a 6 week old kitten or a 50kg Great Dane! With digital processing it means less time and stress for your pets and better quality images for improved diagnostics.

To obtain the best quality images it is usually necessary to sedate or anaesthetise your pet to have x-rays taken. This allows us to get the best possible quality images, reduces your pet’s pain or anxiety levels and also limits our staffs exposure to x-rays.

We have recently increased our armoury of diagnostic equipment to help give you and your pets even better treatment without the need for referral or waiting. We have purchased two beautiful new endoscopes. One 9mm for scoping large areas and one 3 mm for scoping nasal passages and other small sites.