Senior Pet Health Program


As our pets get older they will develop signs of ageing – signs which may be visible to us such as greying around the face to signs not so obvious such as  changes to their internal health.

A regular senior health checkup from the age of 7 years will help us keep a close eye out for these changes and give your older pet the care that he/she needs.

How often should my senior pet be seen for a health check?

At High Street Road Animal Hospital, we recommend a Senior Health Check consultation every 6 months from the age of 7 years. This can coincide with their annual vaccination consultation, so you only need to have two routine visits a year with us.

How often should my senior pet have blood work done?

We recommend senior blood work to be done annually. This is a comprehensive test that checks thyroid health, kidney health, liver health, white blood cells, red blood cells and for diseases such as diabetes. 

How often should my senior pet have other tests done?

A urine examination should be done every 6 months. We can provide a urine collection pot for you to collect at home at your convenience, or we can collect urine at the Senior Health Checkup.

For our feline senior pets, we advise the addition of a blood pressure check every 6 months. This can be done stress free in a matter of minutes using a soft cuff around their leg or tail.  Read more