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Home Bird Care

Over the past decade, birds have increased in popularity as pets. Parrots, in particular, are very popular as they can be hand-reared to become tame and entertaining companions.

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Cages must be of an adequate size to allow the bird to extend its wings fully and to enable adequate exercise.

Care must be taken with brand new, cheaper cages which are often made from galvanized metal. The bird will often nibble at the galv balls (small beads of galv found on galvanised wire used in bird cages) which can lead to the potentially fatal zinc poisoning.

The perches that are supplied with most cages are usually plastic or wooden dowels which are too smooth and usually too small in diameter for the birds. This can lead to overgrown nails and skin problems. They are best replaced with natural branches from fruit trees.

Tame caged birds should be let out regularly into a safe enclosure to exercise to improve health and reduce boredom. Toys should be provided and changed regularly to help reduce boredom. Ensure that the toys are zinc free. Wing clipping is not recommended as it can lead to feather disorders and psychological problems.

Birds should not be housed in dusty areas as this can lead to respiratory disease. Tobacco smoke should also be avoided.


Access to clean water is essential.

Poor or unbalanced diets lead to disease. Good quality commercial bird foods should be fed. The avian enthusiast should research the dietary needs of the particular species of bird.


Birds are often good at disguising an illness. Once an owner notices that their bird is sick, the bird has often been sick for a number of days. Signs of illness include lethargy, tail bobbing due to an increased respiratory effort, changed appearance of stools, and a fluffed up appearance. Veterinary attention must be sought straight away as delay worsens a bird’s prognosis.

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