Routine Check Ups
Routine Check Ups
Routine Check Ups

Regular health check-ups are important for your dog and cat to ensure they maintain excellent health and increase their longevity.

All pets have a health check-up at their annual vaccination. All senior pets should have a health check every 6 months to help detect age-related health issues. Cats and small-medium breeds of dogs are considered senior after 5-7 years of age depending on the breed. Some animals with special medical conditions need health checks every 3-6 months to manage their ongoing condition.

During a health check-up the vet will collect a history from the owner and discuss any concerns the owner may have with their pet’s health. The vet will perform a physical examination and then give relevant advice about any abnormalities found. In addition advice will be given on weight, diet, dental health, parasite control and vaccinations.

Routine Check Ups at High Street Road Animal Hospital, Mt Waverley

The vet will advise blood and urine testing for senior pets. We may ask you to try and collect a urine sample to bring with you for testing. Laboratory testing can result in early detection of problems before they become clinically evident to the vet or the pets owner. Early detection and treatment can improve quality of life and increase the longevity of your pet.

Our veterinary team is available to consultations and health checks for your pets Monday – Friday and Saturday.

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