Microchipping is the best way to permanently identify your pet should they go missing. Unfortunately, many pets that turn up at animal shelters and council pounds have lost their collars and ID tags, making it impossible to reunite them with their owners. Microchipping eliminates this problem.

Implanting a microchip is a very straight forward procedure. The tiny ID chip is placed between the shoulder blades beneath the skin. This can be performed in a routine consultation without the need for sedation. Alternatively it can be implanted while they are under anaesthesia for surgery.

We then register you and your pet’s details with a nationally accredited and Victorian Government approved Registry called Central Animal Records.

If your pet goes missing and ends up at a pound, shelter or vet clinic, a scanner is used to identify the animal and the owner is contacted to organise a reunion.

The heartache of losing a pet and not being able to recover it is deeply distressing to a family, so please also remember to update your pets microchip details when you move or re-home your pet.

Microchipping at High Street Road Animal Hospital, Mt Waverley

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