The Cat Hotel In Mount Waverley
The Cat Hotel In Mount Waverley
The Cat Hotel In Mount Waverley

We are excited to announce the opening of Mt Waverley’s newest cat boarding facility, The Cat Hotel at High Street Road Animal Hospital. We are one of only two catteries that are registered in the City Of Monash. This gives all cat owners confidence when they board their cats with us that their cats will receive the highest quality care from our health care team.

Our Cattery is situated in a large dedicated room inside the Hospital that is quiet and relaxed with plenty of natural light. There are 20 custom made cat condos that can be linked if you have more than one cat staying with us. Our team members are expertly trained and we are happy to board cats that require medication.

Senior cats may require a consultation with the vet prior to boarding. This is particularly important for cats that are not patients here at the hospital and have pre-existing medical conditions.

Our cattery proudly feeds and recommends Hills Science Diet.

We welcome cat owners to come and inspect our new facility.

High Street Road Animal Hospital - Cat Boarding Mt Waverley

Rates and Surcharges

Commonly Asked Cat Boarding Questions

Do cats need to be vaccinated?
According to Victorian State law, all cats entering a boarding facility must be up to date with their annual vaccinations. This ensures the health of all cats boarding in the cattery. The client must provide a current, up to date vaccination certificate to confirm the booking. Please bring your cat in a cat carrier when you come in.

Does my cat need flea prevention?
All cats must be up to date with their flea control. If fleas are found on any cats in the cattery, we will start treatment with a flea treatment product at the owner’s expense.

High Street Road Animal Hospital - Cat Hotel Mt Waverley

What will my cat eat?
Our cattery proudly feeds and recommends Hills Science Diet.
If your cat is on a Prescription or specialised diet you will need to bring the food with you. If your cat is really fussy or has a special treat they love, please feel free to bring this along to make your cat feel at home.

Can I bring bedding and toys from home?
We provide each cat with their own private Snooza Igloo and cat toys but if your cat has a favourite bed or toys please feel free to bring them in to make your cat feel more at home during their stay.

What are the drop off and pick up times?
On weekdays, admission is after 2pm and pickup is before 11am.  On Saturdays, admission is between 10am-12pm and pickup is before 10am. No admission or discharge from the cattery is possible on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Do you have convenient parking?
We have ample parking both at the front of the Hospital and in our large carpark at the back of the Hospital.

Does my cat spend time outside his/her condo?
Cats are allowed outside their condo to wander and explore the play equipment within the cattery but they are not allowed to mix with other cats unless they are from the same family. This helps with disease control and minimises stress levels for our feline guests.

Are you able to give us regular updates during my cat’s stay?
Photos of our boarding cats will be regularly loaded onto our Facebook page.

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“Clean, comfortable and spacious”

The staff that work at High Street Road Animal Hospital are so kind and helpful. I have an older cat who has arthritis and a thyroid issue, and my questions have always been addressed in the most understanding and informative way. The staff are so lovely to my cat and treat him like he is their own pet. He stays at the cattery, which is clean, comfortable and spacious. I can not thank the staff enough for their help. I know that I can get a bit anxious and protective of my cat, but I have received nothing but patience and kindness when dealing with this clinic. You are all very special people!

Nicole, 5-Star Google Review


Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 7:30am-7:00pm
Sat: 8:30am-1pm
Sun: Closed

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